Things I’ve Googled that probably have me on a watch list

We all joke about how we want our best friend to delete our search history when we die, but let’s be real for a second here: Writers should be nuking their cache every night if they don’t want people to accidentally stumble upon our research windows and think their friend/loved one is either plotting to overthrow the government, covering up a brutal murder, or deeply interested in the sex lives of house pets.

Because I primarily write urban fantasy that’s based on the FBI having a special branch for handling magic, not to mention the occasional oddball short story where anything goes, my own research archives are…fraught.

Here are just a few examples of things I’ve Googled that probably have my name on a “person of interest” list somewhere in the guts of Homeland Security.

  • white house address
  • fbi headquarters address
  • how long is the national mall
  • psychotropic drugs
  • how to pick a lock with a credit card
  • tribble biology
  • what are your miranda rights
  • professional assassins
  • how much does it cost to have someone killed
  • rude slang for “lawyer”
  • does SETI still exist
  • modern voodoo culture
  • death goddesses
  • abandoned buildings in central park
  • unguarded canadian border crossing

What about you? What have you Googled that you’re pretty sure has you on a watch list somewhere?

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