Things I found on the internet: killer technology, emotional labor, and Jack Black sings K-Pop

Strong Female Protagonist: A webcomic that follows the adventures of Mega Girl who has “super-strength, invincibility and a crippling sense of social injustice” as she tries to live a normal life. (Thanks, Eskins, for the rec!)

I Used to Be a Human Being: One man’s account of how living online in non-stop content engagement hurt his health, physically and emotionally.

Women Aren’t Nags–We’re Just Fed Up: I can’t even summarize this article about the huge weight of emotional labor women carry because it’s too real for me at this stage of my life. I’m only complaining a little bit.

Jessica Chou Teaches Girls to Fix Cars on Her YouTube Channel: For those of us who want to stop calling AAA every time the car dies on the highway halfway between work and home. Not that this has ever happened to me.

I am white. That’s all you know about me. Am I privileged based on that alone and assuming I am, should I feel guilt and what should I do about it?: Just be aware that life is different for people not like you. See the water you’re swimming in.

One surprising way money can buy happiness, according to scientists: When you can pay for convenience–whether it’s take-out, toll roads, cleaning service, or childcare–it buys you happiness in the form of time.

The Last Blockbuster Twitter account is sad-larious

The Last Blockbuster tweet

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