MIRROR OF ASHES has arrived!

It’s here, it’s here! The third book of the Forgotten Relics series has officially arrived!

Thanks to everyone who helped me get this baby off the ground. Between Team Patreon, the generous crowdfunders, and miscellaneous folk who patted me on the head when I got squirrelly, the acknowledgements section is two pages long. SO MUCH LOVE.

Okay, enough mush from me. It’s launch day! You want information! Here are all the ways you can get the book….

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The Mirror of Ashes (Forgotten Relics #3) - Ellie Di JulioGlittering snow, twinkling lights, carols in the air—Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Or it would be if Cora Riley wasn’t neck-deep in magical crime and double shifts at the Supernatural Cases Division.

Two weeks after losing the Sword of Souls, her friends deployed across the nation on top-level missions, Cora finds herself walking the beat alone in DC, wondering if she’s the hero of this story after all. Loneliness, exhaustion, and a perplexing romance threaten to drive her back into the darkness she fought so hard to escape.

But the pity-party comes to an abrupt end when Cora makes a horrific discovery at headquarters that sends her racing to New York City. There, Jack Alexander’s assignment to the Japanese ambassador clicks with Manny Boxer’s spontaneous combustion case to reveal a new facet of Eris’ plot: an ancient artifact the local vampires are literally dying to get their hands on.

The hunt is on to find the Mirror of Ashes. But who is hunting whom?

kindle :: print :: epub :: goodreads

MIRROR OF ASHES deleted scene: “Daddy Knows”

yes cat Whoohoo! Over the weekend, we officially broke the 25% mark in our fundraising efforts to pay Desz to grace the newest book’s cover.

You guys are amazing!

To celebrate the milestone, I’m releasing a tidbit from Mirror of Ashes that didn’t make it to the final cut but will definitely pull some heartstrings. This (slightly expanded for sharing purposes) scene was originally couched as a memory that snaps Cora out of [REDACTED FOR SEXY SPOILERS] and reminds her [REDACTED FOR BADASSERY SPOILERS]. Enjoy!

Cora growls at herself, embarrassed at her behaviour but unable to stop crying. She’s far too big to curl up in her father’s lap the way she did as a little girl. Yet here she is, thirty years old, covered in snot and tears, clinging to him in the aftermath of Jeremy’s exit from her life as if Daddy can magically make everything better.

“Don’t worry, piskie,” he’s saying in his soft Irish voice. “Your ma and I’ll take care of you for as long as you need us. That’s what we’re here for.” He tightens his arms around her shoulders, pressing the side of her face into his now-damp shoulder.

She sniffs and wipes at her eyes with the back of her hand. “I just don’t get it. I thought this was it—him and me forever. And then I got sick and he stopped….” She chokes as another wave of grief crests and crashes. “What’s wrong with me, Daddy?” she squeaks.

“Hey now.” He shifts his posture so she sits up. “There’s nothing wrong with you,” he insists. “There are a million things right.” She starts to argue, but he shakes his head. “Heartbreak makes the world collapse around you, but you’re not broken. It’s important you understand that.”

Her gut reaction is dismissal. He has to say that because he’s her dad; he doesn’t know what it’s like to try to claw your way out of the dark pit of depression and then have your almost-husband step on your fingers when you reach the top.

But their matching grey eyes meet as she gears up to protest, and she notices tears stand in his eyes, too. It slices another wound in her heart. She puts a hand against his red-stubbled cheek, trying to comfort her comforter.

He gives her a gentle smile. “You don’t need anyone else to be complete, piskie,” he says. “Stand on your own two feet, believe in yourself, and you’ll be okay. Promise.”

Cora sighs, fight and fury and fear draining away, and she leans her weary body against her father’s chest. Though it goes against everything she’s feeling, she wants to believe him. She wonders how long it’ll be before she can.

*hands out tissues*
*waits for nose-blowing and ‘aww’s to stop*

Thank you all so much for bringing us this far in our crowdfunding journey! But this is only the first milestone: We still have another $1,232 to raise before May 1 to reach our total goal.

If you haven’t yet, please hop over to the donation page and throw a few bucks our way. You can get all the books, including Mirror of Ashes, in digital for $10!

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Crowdfunding MIRROR OF ASHES: Prettify This Book!

Remember how, two years ago, I asked you for help paying my friend Desiree “Desz” Kern to paint a kickass cover for The Transmigration of Cora Riley and how you not only raised the $2000 I asked for but an extra $500 besides?

That was super cool of you.

Then, remember how, last year, I asked you for help paying Desz for the Sword of Souls cover?

Of course you don’t. Because I paid for it myself out of pocket and it was freaking disastrous. So dumb.

Loki facepalm

Thus humbled, I’m returning, cap in hand, to seek your help paying Desz to prettify the cover of the newest Forgotten Relics book. More than that, though, I want to give you the chance to participate in bringing something beautiful to life.

So! Here’s the campaign basics. Think of it like a party invitation.

Crowdfunding the Mirror of Ashes cover

April 1st – 30th

How much
$1,650 USD

(and all your friends)
(and me and Desz)


“How come you’re not using Kickstarter or IndieGoGo or BuyMeAPony.com?” I hear you ask.

Because I want you to have flexibility with your donations and less overwhelming options. I also sort of hate the strict perk-to-payment setup the big guns use (and their fees) and am enamored of Pay What You Can systems. After a week of flopsweating the pros and cons of both, I engineered something in between. Because that’s how I roll.

That's who we roll in the Shire

How It Works

The campaign’s hosted on my site and uses PayPal to take donations so you can pay with your balance, bank account, or credit card.

There are five levels of participation, each with a different bundle of swag. But instead of a fixed price for each one, there’s a range so you can choose how much you want to give for your desired goodies.

When you decide which level you like, click “donate” to go to PayPal where you’ll input the amount you’re comfortable with and confirm. Then voila! Your swag will be sent as soon as possible (ie: past books right away, MOA material in June) even if we don’t fully fund.

BONUS: All levels include your name in the acknowledgements section of Mirror of Ashes on publication.

And so, without further ado, I unleash you upon the campaign to do the generous, loving, incredible work that you do so very well!

pug party!

The Pre-Order
Digital copy of Mirror of Ashes – that’s all!
The Newbie
Mirror of Ashes postcard from me
AND the (digital) series so far:
+ Inkchanger
+ The Transmigration of Cora Riley
+ The Sword of Souls
+ The Mirror of Ashes
+ Confidential: 12 Unredacted Reports of the SCD
The Fan
Mirror of Ashes (digital)
Confidential (digital)
Cora Riley EP (digital)
Cover art postcard
Sneak peek at next book when it’s ready
The Superfan
Mirror of Ashes, digital and signed paperback
Confidential (digital)
Cora Riley EP (digital)
Cover art postcard
Sneak peek at next book
Signed copy of a Mirror of Ashes chapter
PDF of my Mirror of Ashes production diary
The Character
$500+ (limit 2)
Everything in the Superfan level, PLUS I’ll base a character off you in the next book, and Desz will draw a custom portrait of your Forgotten Relics self!

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Thank you so much, my darlings. You’re incredible humans, and I’m honoured to know that you’ve got my back.

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