Short Stories





Memo on the Holiday ConflictAn agency-wide memo from the desk of Agent 99 regarding the changes in the “War on Christmas,” including updates on major players Santa, Black Friday, and The Coalition, as well as questioning the whereabouts of Jesus.

A New TraditionCora spends her first Thanksgiving away from home with Sofi, curled up on the couch watching MST3K, eating cereal out of the box, and having some awkward feels about family.

A Bloody Office RomanceScott Kim, the SCD’s deadspeaker, summons a familiar Halloween visitor to help with Agent 97’s investigation of a possible Gauntlet breach. Gross flirting ensues.

Handle: 5tilt2k1nA reimagining of the “Rumpelstiltskin” story, set in modern times with a World of Warcraft twist: Bitcoins for babies. While not directly related to the Forgotten Relics storyline, it does take place in its universe.

The First Day of the Rest of Her LifeGoing back to school never sucks more than when you’re the new kid in a new town. Cora’s first day of 7th grade is rocky to say the least, but a mysterious note on her desk gives her something to hope for.

Faerie Halfling Seeks Southern WomanDaniel Riley wasn’t always a straight-laced librarian. And Susannah wasn’t always a charming housewife. This is the story of how Cora’s parents met in an Atlanta bar on a sticky Tuesday afternoon when they were young and ready to believe in just about anything.

Hel’s Dying StarLady Hel wasn’t always ruler of the underworld, and she wasn’t always alone. But one by one, the other regents died until only she and her lover, the most famous deity ever to hold the throne, remained.

Nix the Pity-PartyIt’s not that Cora can’t swim — it’s that she won’t. You wouldn’t want to, either, if a nix had tried to drown you in its pond while you were feeling sorry for yourself. 

Ambrosia Makes Fools of Us All: The promised young Jack Alexander short story from 2013’s IndieGoGo campaign! 14 pages of Jack Alexander in his wild college days, mixing it up in an abandoned mansion in New Orleans with a sourcerer and a succubus, getting high on ambrosia and absinthe, and having a threeway in a Greek goddess’ bed.

The Gods’ Own Creation MythTold from the perspective of Eris herself, this is the story of how the supernals were created, how they were separated from humanity, and what happened as a result.

Jack’s New AssignmentIt’s been a harrowing six-month sabbatical, but Jack is finally back on the job. Get an inside peek to his first moments with his newest charge.

Cora’s First SightingFive-year-old Cora finds her daddy’s keys in a very strange place and makes a very strange deal with a very strange creature to get them back.