One desk to rule them all

Fair warning: This post is complete and utter office pr0n. If you’re not into that kind of thing, you’re excused until next post. If you are, though, hoo-boy are you in for a treat.

A little back story first.

I’ve always wanted one of those enormous wooden teacher’s desks, the kind that you see in old movies and that my mother had in her first classroom. There’s something reassuring about them, as if their sheer mass creates its own gravity. I’ve looked at them over the years, especially after I started writing seriously, but I either didn’t have the space or the hundreds of dollars Craigslisters wanted for them.

And then last week, I detoured down the furniture aisle at the thrift store, and lo and behold….

Dream Desk in its natural habitat
Dream Desk in its natural habitat



I sent Lino a picture, and to my surprise, he told me to buy it. There was a flurry of increasingly-excited texts in which I argued that we didn’t have space, we’d have to rent a truck, and also I already have two desks.

Then he said he’d get rid of his own giant desk to make room for it.

Who was I to turn down such a generous gesture? It would be rude to refuse.

So I paid for it, came back the next day with a truck, and Lino and a friend moved the old desk out and the new desk in. I spent the rest of the evening tenderly cleaning every square inch, and I may or may not have laid down on it trying to give it a hug goodnight.

Gentlefolk, bask in the glory of Dream Desk, the third and greatest of my furniture children, the desk to rule them all.

Dream Desk in its new home
Dream Desk in its new home in the office room (not pictured, the other two, much smaller desks)
Dream Desk still has the original drawer labels - important papers and Harry's drawer
Dream Desk still has its original labels: important papers and Harry’s drawer
Dream Desk still has the original drawer labels - report cards and curriculum
Two more: report cards and curriculum
Big desk, tiny computer
There’s in inverse relationship between the size of my desks (growing) and the size of my laptops (shrinking). That’s a 13in laptop on a 5ftx3ft desk.
Dream Desk in its full, spacious glory
Dream Desk in its full, spacious glory, ready to work
Dream Desk right side
The right-hand side of Dream Desk
Dream Desk left side
The left-hand side of Dream Desk, featuring the books I’ve written (or appear in)
Dream Desk pull out writing board
There are not one but TWO of these pull-out writing boards
Dream Desk top drawer
Just look at that utensil tray. Look at it.

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