1. I justify buying a Tim’s (medium, dark roast, triple-triple) by telling myself  I’m sick so I need the caffeine to help me focus on writing. Nevermind I’ve already had three cups of half-caff before 9am.
  2. There was a time when I didn’t have to worry about leaving change in the cup holder.
  3. Writing feels clumsy to me still. I push through.
  4. I don’t so much regret eating pancakes for breakfast as I regret not eating more of them so I could balance how gross I feel with at least being full.
  5. Cycling through social media because I’m hungry for something I can’t have.
  6. 70F is still too cold.
  7. Mastering the art of not intervening when she’s messy, mistaken, or mad.
  8. I need prayer tonight, but when it comes my turn to ask, I can never think of why.
  9. Education is an affair of the heart, not just the mind.
  10. In summmmerrrrrrr!

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Author of the FORGOTTEN RELICS urban fantasy series. Telling lies for fun and profit since 2012. Will eat (almost) anything.

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