1. Three days of going to bed after 10pm makes me feel like sluggish garbage. I’d turn in earlier, but I’m trying to be social; I’d sleep later, but I need my morning sanctuary.
  2. Still a little distressed after how difficult it was writing yesterday. The Evil Auctioneer clears his throat and steps up to the mic.
  3. I used to love watching the clouds roll in, anticipating the sounds and sights and smells of a summer storm. Now, all it means is a day trapped inside with a helium ion pretending to be a human child.
  4. Story ideas are coming. I just have to remember how to take care of them.
  5. Half a chocolate donut is better than a whole chocolate donut. Or, heaven forbid, no chocolate donut.
  6. I appear to be allergic to the AC at my friend’s house. Woe.
  7. What do you mean my favourite BBQ place is permanently closed?! FURTHER WOE.
  8. Body shutdown. I’m not sure if it’s the heat, the greasy dinner, an endometriosis attack, an impending stomach bug, or some combination.
  9. Regardless, it’s bedtime.
  10. Keenly aware of how negative this all sounds. It’s been a tough one. Tomorrow’s another day.

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