1. Slept in to make up for watching too many (read: two) episodes of Brooklyn 99 last night. Hey, season five just dropped on Netflix, don’t judge me.
  2. “Iron entered into his soul” (Ps 105:18 Heb). Our chains can make our hearts hard, but we can also draw strength from them for when we’re set free.
  3. I leave her in bed for nearly an hour after she’s awake. She’s so content snuggle her babies, chat to herself, and get up and lay down again, luxuriating in the morning. A twinge of jealousy.
  4. Flower boxes in the bicycle lane median.
  5. The words come hard today, making me painfully aware of the irony in being pissy about feeling like I can’t say what I need to say while writing about being free to to say whatever I want.
  6. A new regular workout at the gym. It’s hard because I’m still so weak, but it’s time to move from acclimation to gains. I love the feeling of getting stronger. I also love that the new machines are like personal carnival rides.
  7. I come in the door, and she bursts into tears. Not the reaction I was hoping for after being gone all day.
  8. Receiving correction. Gently holding boundaries. I don’t want to be unteachable.
  9. FrozenĀ viewing #3009 (approximate).
  10. Sentences I never thought I’d have to say: “You shouldn’t put your head in someone else’s underwear.”

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