1. We talk about things you shouldn’t talk about before 7am. Identity politics. Call-out culture. Judgement versus information. Which side of the sidewalk you should default to when someone’s coming at you. It’s soul-healing to talk about more than schedules, bank accounts, and work.
  2. I didn’t make the team. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved; I can come up with lots of reasons for both. Time being chief among them.
  3. Then again, I did agree to a book doula project last night, sooo….
  4. The Saturday Dance. You go out, I take the baby out, you come back, I come back, I go out, you take the baby, hustle for dinner, baby bedtime, try not to fall asleep on the couch.
  5. TIL: I am equidistant from all three Costcos in our area. 20 minutes is a long way to drive for salad and a cheap hot dog.
  6. Lines of muscle straining in my biceps as I pull the lat bar to me. They disappear when I relax. Mom arms.
  7. I shouldn’t be allowed in fancy grocery stores unsupervised. I’m immune to nearly all forms of advertising except the Whole Foods effect. That slick, elitist style gets me every time.
  8. I don’t get carded.
  9. The stars align: warm enough for our back porch, enough flex room in the budget for craft beer, a baby who sleeps great at night, and it’s not even 8pm.
  10. They’re out  on the deck. Crossing my fingers that their inevitable 1AM weed binge doesn’t wake me up again.

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