1. Sundays are the hardest for noticing practice. Up early, rush in, full day, squeezing in time with him before the workday disappearance.
  2. Emphasize honor over obedience.
  3. All God’s laws hang on relationship. Ours should, too.
  4. Impostor syndrome cranks to 11 as I read the application questions. I’m struggling to write one devotional for my home church with a small following; how dare I think I can compete to write 12 for a magazine with a large following?
  5. Her nap is one for the (bad) books. I haven’t heard screaming like this outside of actual harm or terror, and I have no idea why it’s happening. I do a good job pretending to be calm.
  6. It’s his birthday today. It passes with only slightly more fanfare than mine did. Parent birthdays are even less of a deal than regular adult birthdays.
  7. Beer, grill, cake.
  8. “Furnishing,” he’d said. The prophetic word from last year echoes in my mind as we’re given a child’s easel after wanting one for months.
  9. Dead tired by 6:30pm. Me, him, but oh no, not her. Or at least that’s what she says.
  10. You can’t trust a two-year old.

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