1. Of course this morning is one of those when she looks bigger when I get her up than when I put her to bed.

2. Two.

3. I hope we can get through this one specific day without discipline.

4. Had hoped.

5. There’s a rare ease in us both as we tool around the toy store and thrift store that’s so welcome. Unhurried, unplanned, unbothered. I wish more days were like this.

6. I Have No Idea What to Make for Dinner: The Ellie Di Julio Story

7. A century-old recipe for chocolate cake, half again, poured into too few cupcake wrappers. I make a short loaf cake with the rest of the batter. Waste not.

8. I know how to make two kinds of icing. One is a cooked milk/flour buttercream–granulated sugar, not powdered–that takes a full 15 minutes to beat up and tastes like heaven’s ideal of Cool Whip. The other one is made of actual Cool Whip and instant pudding, and it’s even better.

9. Tonight’s bedtime refrain: “Chi’muk eated crackah!” Guess what we saw at the botanical gardens?

10. Ignoring the hushed, incessant cantations of the undone to-do list. Today was a good day.

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