1. Trying to remember a great idea you have while you’re busy is exactly like trying not to pee your pants while looking for a bathroom.
  2. Today in unexpected expenses: a printer.
  3. The level of disappointment I feel in my price-matching app’s decision to discontinue coupons is only exceeded by the disappointment of my inner child in what a colossal bore I’ve become.
  4. Podcast fast over. No major revelations, but sometimes the point is just going where you’re being led. I’m good with that. (And now have like 20 hours of catching up to do.)
  5. Whenever someone asks how old I am, I have to pause and remember. It’s followed by an odd discombobulation, not because I feel older or younger, but because the number forces me into the reality of time–how much is left, how much has passed.
  6. I’m 85% sure I have an ear infection. The left side of my jaw is hard and aches into the place where my wisdom tooth used to be. But I always go in  too early–the downside of being in tune with your body–so I’ll see what meds can do until it’s either resolved or bad enough for an appointment.
  7. What if instead of being resentful of the time he’s away, I treated the time we do get together the way that I did when we were madly in love but 800 miles apart?
  8. I love grocery shopping. Although it’s sometimes scary financially, it’s a humbling reminder of the goodness of our God. The resulting enoughness helps ground me for a fresh week.
  9. It’s been a long time since I laughed out loud at the radio.
  10. We give him his Father’s Day gift early. I meant for it to be practical and also a symbol of being the man he often thinks he isn’t, but it’s played off as a “subtle hint” to shave. It’s a joke but not a joke. I take it as a reminder to be less critical–it wouldn’t be a joke if I were.

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