1. Provision: what I see when I balance the books. It’s never extravagant or immediate, but it’s always what we need, when we need it.
  2. Today, I’m that parent at the drop-in center who’s constantly looking at their phone.
  3. Kids’ antibiotics taste way better now than when I caught bronchitis every year.
  4. Fishing versus catching.
  5. Her first scraped knee.
  6. “Summer” is a misnomer. It should be called “The Season When You Shower Three Times a Day.”
  7. Today, I’m also that parent who brings their toddler into the liquor store.
  8. I’m terse with our friends because I’m still in “get things done” mode and can’t shift to “sociable human” mode fast enough. I hate that my default state is bitchiness.
  9. The ache in my jaw is back. In retrospect, it disappeared while she and I were having fun and communicating well. Too bad we’re back in a yelling season.
  10. Giant cowboy steaks and unicorn mini-cupcakes.

PS: Lots of folks are asking about the format for these posts and if they can do them. First of all, yes! Please do! Second, the format is super simple. All you do is jot down 10 things you see, hear, think, feel, or learn during your day. Aside from that, the style is up to you.

PPS: If you’re doing these, let me know! Put a link in the comments or something. I want to see what you’re noticing.

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