1. This is a new thing I’m trying: noticing practice. I borrowed the format from Alisha Sommer who borrowed it from Marie Howe. Steal like an artist, right?
  2. Getting up early is easier when the sun is up too. 5:30am is different in May than in January.
  3. That feeling when you buy the wrong cold medicine and are so busy momming that you don’t realize it isn’t working until two days later.
  4. The whole day is different when things go smooth.
  5. Obviously.
  6. There’s no way she’ll be two on Thursday. Surely she was just born last year; surely she’ll start school this fall.
  7. I’m best at the start of things: the project, the story, the conversation, the day. I’m getting better at endings. One day I’ll figure out the middle.
  8. I need to look up peregrine falcon meanings. I’ve seen too many lately for it to be a coincidence.
  9. Making abundance out of lack (of time, money, ideas, energy); spinning straw into gold.
  10. Sometimes it’s easier to have the night alone.

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