1. Stressful dreams about sickness and a mid-REM alarm. I could sleep in another hour, but I force myself out of bed. The words don’t write themselves.
  2. Apply coffee liberally.
  3. Deciding how to allocate the tax refund is an awkward dance between responsibility and retail therapy.
  4. I will not endlessly refresh my inbox to see if I made the team. I will not endlessly….
  5. “Jesus is the one person who can tell us what God is like, and what God means us to be.” — William Barclay
  6. 7:30 babyup means I journaled, prayed, studied Matthew, and finished a Compel lesson this morning. It’s like my soul finally inhaled.
  7. Having a third adult around makes physio way more productive. Thanks, Donna.
  8. I’m having so many revelations this week. I don’t know if any translate to shareable writing, but I capture them all in the tiny notebook I started carrying in my back pocket. I always think I’ll remember a good idea later and never do. Better to hold up traffic at a green light scribbling down a scrap of idea than lose it forever.
  9. She’s still waking from naps with horrific screaming. Is this the new normal or just a phase or is something wrong? It seems like I ask that question about everything she does these days.
  10. What I want is to have a beer on the patio while I read a book. What I do is the dishes, cat food, coffee prep, another Compel lesson, and a quick shower. One day.

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