1. How do you spell 14? How many Us? Why didn’t I just use numbers like a normal person.
  2. A smoother night, despite the fireworks. A smoother morning.
  3. Forecast says it’s the last cool day before summer starts in earnest. Highs over 25C/77F starting tomorrow. My body is ready.
  4. I tiptoe into the secret place, write my heart out before God, scribble two article ideas onto notecards, and begin studying Matthew all before she starts to stir. Precious time for my soul.
  5. I never could get the hang of holiday weeks. I’m always one day ahead or behind. It’s Monday, right?
  6. She has a fever. She usually hates to cuddle, but we snuggle on the couch watching movies nearly all afternoon. She rests her little hand on my wrist and pats it occasionally. I want to bottle the time, to preserve it so I can really remember how it was when she’s grown and gone.
  7. My hair is long enough I can (barely) pull it back. Time to decide if I’ll grow it or chop it. I’m torn between missing long, wavy hair and the freedom of a fresh pixie.
  8. That feeling when no one wants to eat what you made for dinner, including you.
  9. If the idea of writing just one article for an application is so daunting as to paralyze me, what makes me think I can write twelve for an audience of thousands?
  10. Everything is process.

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