1. I always wake up at 3:30am and 15 minutes before my alarm, no matter what time it’s set to go off.

2. Party day. Moving from the park to our house doubled the prep, but I got it all done. Somehow.

3. Laying in the early morning dark, releasing my resentment over being lonely and yet never alone. I don’t want it tainting our precious time together.

4. Mercy and grace are love in action.

5. Sick of all this sickness.

6. I’m afraid no one will come (or that no one should come). I’m more scarred than I realized after the debacle of her first birthday.

7. The Three Amigos, reunited. Much squealing on all sides.

8. Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere. Oh, wait, no, just me.

9. They curl up on the couch to watch Finding Dory, sharing popcorn. She looks more like him every day.

10. The only reason I don’t go to bed for 8pm is because he’s home. Not that we’re doing anything romantic or fun but because he’ll make fun of me for being an old lady. And rightly so, perhaps. I charge him foot rubs for my wakefulness.

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