1. I’m pretty sure God woke her up at 4:30am purposely to address my whiny attitude about losing my precious morning time for the past week. Sickness and exhaustion have had me sleeping late, but today she’s up for an hour muttering and half crying, so I’m dressed at 5:30–my usual alarm time. #sneakyjesus
  2. Frivolous things are only a waste if they bring you no joy. I spend my hard-won time of stillness doing impractical, unimportant stuff. I need to play a little.
  3. Current needs: love, respect, boundaries.
  4. My obsession with checking my laptop and iDevices for updateables speaks to a deeper need.
  5. The curse of the season of small children is that phases you thought were past reappear in new ways further down the road. Ebb, flow. Fretting, peace.
  6. It’s fine to take ginger pills for a sour stomach nearly every day and definitely not a sign of a bigger problem, right guys? Guys?
  7. The pain of being rejected by someone you never met in person but who is a tender part of your backstory. Maybe that’s why they leave: they aren’t part of the current story.
  8. The noise of having them home again is weirdly reassuring. I never thought I’d notice, much less miss, the chaos of living in close proximity.
  9. Pondering the line between comparison and perspective.
  10. 13 more sleeps.

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