1. The backyard looks like a rainforest, lush and green after all this spring rain. I hadn’t realized how much I missed having a yard until now. It’s been over ten years.
  2. I offer him a solution that used to be the bane of our marriage. This time it’s the right idea at the right time for the right reason. The ease of conversation and intangible closeness are proof.
  3. She wakes up with a fever and fiery attitude to match. We have to stay home. I lose my writing day. Furious with disappointment, frustration, and guilt, I yell and throw the thermometer and immediately cry with remorse and apologize.
  4. She’s fine after Motrin and breakfast. Of course.
  5. Reminiscing about when we used to be artists.
  6. I never thought, before I became a parent, that I would–or could–ever be this invested in another person’s poop.
  7. “It’s hell writing and it’s hell not writing. The only tolerable state is having just written.” — Robert Hass
  8. Pretty sure God squeezed me to see what I’d do. Give up when it’s hard or make it work? #sneakyjesus
  9. Night two of milk downstairs instead of in the crib at bedtime.
  10. Transitions.

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