1. Rain, rain, go away. Come again when you’re warm and fat and all dolled up with thunder.
  2. No mud, no lotus :: no cream, no coffee.
  3. Thinking about the difference between expectation and hope.
  4. She’s been waking up crying. It’s anguished but not urgent–more mad about being awake than needing anything. It’s the change from cheerful, excited babble that makes me sad. I wonder if it’s an extension of the toddler attitude, a pissiness so chronic it comes out in her sleep.
  5. Devotionals is the hardest writing I’ve ever tackled. The required combination of brevity and impact is so counter to my style that it feels impossible. But I refuse to break. I am called. Asking for help. Trying again.
  6. Flex room.
  7. Gym days are mini getaways. Cardio, moving my body for no other reason than to move, feels good. Still have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to weights, though.
  8. I hate asking other parents to watch my kid because I can’t (won’t?) return the favor. But needs must. Grace is required on both ends.
  9. You read night time books. I have to blog.

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