1. I missed yesterday due to the good kind of busy. I feel guilt but also freedom. Streaks are great, but no one is upset. Fresh mercies every day.
  2. I love the look on people’s faces when I tell them what time I get up. It’s extra funny because I wish I could get up earlier.
  3. Nalo Hopkinson on Levar Burton Reads: “I was quite old. My first short story was published in ’98, so…27, 28 years old? So it’s never too late to start.” Tears of the wrong sort.
  4. The swim diaper I bought her is too big;┬áthe size down is too small. She’s in between stages for now. Aren’t we all.
  5. I think I’ll write 12 pieces regardless of whether or not I make the cut. It’ll be good practice.
  6. Progress over perfection.
  7. The algebra of Jesus.
  8. She’s pushed beyond beyond but comes out okay. A little crabby, but okay. Crossing my fingers it resets her to an 8am wakeup.
  9. Choosing a swimsuit uses up all my bravery. The trauma of finding a bra that fits this post-baby body that goes in and out in different places than I remember will have to wait for another day.
  10. The kind of exhaustion that makes it risky to blink.

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