My Diablo III character and I have something to say about #GamerGate

If you don’t know about GamerGate, I’m jealous. You should either stop reading this right now to preserve your innocence OR you should go here and here to read about the horrific, disgusting, and terrifying shit going down in the gamersphere because a woman dared to criticize video games while calling herself a feminist. If you’re a real sucker for punishment and love to watch the world burn, look up the Twitter hashtag.

Essentially, it’s about assholes who want women out of their sandbox because it’s my sandbox, no girls allowed and if you come in I will literally kill you. It’s about telling women they are worthless, that they are meaningless, that they are non-people, that they are disposable, ignorable, rapeable, killable. It’s about men telling women what they can and can’t say and do, who they can and can’t be.

And, in a 100% understandable response, some women are backing away from calling themselves gamers. They’re retreating from their beloved pastime because they’re afraid to be caught up in this hurricane of violence and evil.

But I will not relinquish the title I have earned through thousands of hours spent with a controller in my hand, wearing off the rubber on the 360 joystick, enduring Sega thumb, and listening to Vamo alla Flamenco until I developed a Pavlovian anger response to it.

So, GamerGate haters, this is what I have to say about that:

#StopGamerGate2014 - I Am a Gamer

Update: Immediately after I posted this, the first person to comment over on Facebook was a dude who told me how sad of a DPS that is. THIS IS WHAT I’M ON ABOUT, PEOPLE.


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