Mackenzie’s Miracle

For those who don’t know, our daughter Mackenzie has congenital hip dysplasia. We caught it immediately because we knew to look for it; I had it, too. X-rays showed that her right hip socket was flat instead of cupped and the head of her femur was barely visible.

We agreed to try a brace (optimal positioning) starting last Christmas when she was 7 months old, the idea being that that by keeping the bones in place, they’d reshape themselves as they grew. Otherwise, it meant surgery. Like the kind I went through four years ago to relieve the pain that had me walking with a cane and considering a future in a wheelchair. The kind that means pins and percocet. For a baby.

Believing for healing is a struggle for me. I wish I knew why. I’m a new Christian, and we pray for and see miracles in people’s bodies all the time. Maybe it’s a side effect of struggling with my own broken body. Maybe it’s too much logic, not enough faith. Whatever the reason, it always feels weird.

But even though I secretly didn’t think it would work, for all these months, I’ve kept praying that God would heal Mackenzie’s hips and make her whole, perfect, and healthy–that she wouldn’t have to suffer the way I have. Despite the doubt, I’d weep on the floor in the wee hours of the morning, begging God to heal my baby.

And today, He delivered.

Just two months ago, Mackenzie’s doctor was showing me a still-flat socket and a shadow of a femur, talking about the realities of surgery despite nearly a year in the brace. Today, the x-rays show that both her hips are well within normal measurements.

She’s healed. My baby is going to walk. Without pain. Without obstacles.

I think I scared the receptionist on my way out because I was crying. She should’ve seen me in the car.

Regardless of my doubt, God heard the prayers of scared parents and answered. He rewarded our patience, endurance, and faith. She may never remember this phase of her life, but this miracle is a part of her story forever. It’s a part of our story, too. God has changed Mackenzie physically, but I’m only beginning to feel what He’s changing in us spiritually.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Mackenzie and believed with us for her healing. You all kept faith when I lost it and helped me in my unbelief. We are so deeply grateful for this wonderful, powerful family of God.

Jesus sees. Jesus hears. Jesus heals.

I am the Lord who heals you - Exodus 15:26

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