Things I found on the internet: neurodivergence, dieting, and the artist’s task

Slavic pagan photoshoot by Marcin Nagraba

“We Are Not Your Backstories” by K.C. Alexander from Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction: “[…] neurodivergency is seizing its rightful place in the future. We are not your platforms, your aliens, your Other. We are the sum of our whole, invisible disability and all, and we are not damsels. I am an incredible story. We deserve our incredible stories.”

Writers, Protect Your Inner Life: “We’re living in a culture in which the Wall Street Journal publishes a front-page article about a dermatologist who pops pimples on Youtube, getting 2.4 million subscribers. As guardian of our inner lives, we must protect our inner selves from the Pavlovian part of us that responds, “2.4 million subscribers!” We must instead remember St. Exupery’s words that “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” We must wall off our inner selves from the colonizing part that assesses, quantifies, judges.”

Terry Pratchett and the Thing of Sin: “I wonder if Granny Weatherwax would agree with Pratchett, or if she would tell him he was making a thing of himself—placing his life within the context of a simple stop-start mechanism without regarding the inborn transcendence that, regardless of origin, is demonstrated so ripely in his own inventiveness. She might wonder what that ripeness might yet become—for others, if not himself—if allowed to remain on the vine rather then be plucked early. Perhaps she would warn Pratchett that he risks thing-nifying the people surrounding him and loving him, by turning them into mere markers and bystanders.”

Neil Gaiman Reads “The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury”: One of our great storytellers wrote a story about aging and friendship to another on the latter’s 91st birthday, and it’s incredibly charming (audio runs about 14 minutes)

Before You Go on a Diet: “Our world is pretty sick and twisted when it comes to how we view and treat body fat and fat people. Part of how we heal this on a global scale is by individual person after individual person opting out of thin supremacy, dieting culture, and weight stigma.”

“The Artist’s Task” by Mary Oliver: “Of this there can be no question — creative work requires a loyalty as complete as the loyalty of water to the force of gravity. A person trudging through the wilderness of creation who does not know this — who does not swallow this — is lost.”

Tom Bob street artist in New York

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