Things I found on the internet: Buffy studies, fake midichlorians, and appropriation vs appreciation

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You've changed, I hope so

The Fiercely Precise World of Competitive Table-Setting: These people clearly do not get their serving platters from the dollar store. I’m just sayin’.

I Thought My Marriage Was a Huge Mistake (It Wasn’t): This hits so close to home. My husband and I made the same decisions: keep showing up and share our story to help others.

The Answer to Why Humans Are So Central in Star Trek: It basically boils down to our endless exuberance for doing dumb stuff to see what happens. #teamholdmybeer

Predatory Journals Hit By ‘Star Wars’ Sting: Having done my time in psych research, this warms my black little heart. Check your sources! Midichlorians =/= mitochondria.

The Rise of “Buffy” Studies: Scholarly interest isn’t just for literature anymore. Buffy is being used to study serious social and philosophical topics.

Someone Called This Girl’s Japanese Tea Party Racist, But Then This Japanese User Stepped In: I often misunderstand the line between appropriation and appreciation, and I’m super grateful for examples like this.

I’ll leave you with Travis McElroy laying down some truth about being a new parent. Favourite line: “The fact is I can love my baby and also think that taking care of my baby sucks.”


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