MIRROR OF ASHES has arrived!

It’s here, it’s here!

The third book of the Forgotten Relics series has officially arrived!

The Mirror of Ashes (Forgotten Relics #3) - Ellie Di Julio

Thanks to everyone who helped me get this baby off the ground. Between Team Patreon, the generous crowdfunders, and miscellaneous folk who patted me on the head when I got squirrelly, the acknowledgements section is two pages long. SO MUCH LOVE.

Okay, enough mush from me. It’s launch day! You want information! Here are all the ways you can get the book….

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The Mirror of Ashes (Forgotten Relics #3) - Ellie Di JulioGlittering snow, twinkling lights, carols in the air—Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Or it would be if Cora Riley wasn’t neck-deep in magical crime and double shifts at the Supernatural Cases Division.

Two weeks after losing the Sword of Souls, her friends deployed across the nation on top-level missions, Cora finds herself walking the beat alone in DC, wondering if she’s the hero of this story after all. Loneliness, exhaustion, and a perplexing romance threaten to drive her back into the darkness she fought so hard to escape.

But the pity-party comes to an abrupt end when Cora makes a horrific discovery at headquarters that sends her racing to New York City. There, Jack Alexander’s assignment to the Japanese ambassador clicks with Manny Boxer’s spontaneous combustion case to reveal a new facet of Eris’ plot: an ancient artifact the local vampires are literally dying to get their hands on.

The hunt is on to find the Mirror of Ashes. But who is hunting whom?

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MIRROR OF ASHES cover reveal!

That’s right, kittens! After all your generosity and Desz’ hard work, the third Forgotten Relics novel has it’s cover.  Ready to take a look?







The Mirror of Ashes (Forgotten Relics #3) - Ellie Di Julio

Ooooh, ahhhhhh, wooooowwwww.

Desz really outdid herself this time, folks! Mirror of Ashes combines Japanese myth with vampire lore, and I love the way she used those elements to create this cover. There are also several nods to the plot in the details, but I won’t point them out–you’ll just have to read the book.

Which you can do next Tuesday!

The Mirror of Ashes will be released on Tuesday, June 30th.

Until then, keep your eyes peeled on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for nifty teasers.

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Thanks to everyone who donated to make this cover possible. It’s intensely humbling for me to hold out the hat and draw it back full. You guys are incredible, and I love you.

And thanks to you, dear reader, even if you didn’t donate. If you’re buying my books, recommending them to friends, and/or signal boosting you’re helping, too. You also rule.

Now I’m off to slap this beautiful artwork on all the things. Ebooks, tree books, and postcards–oh my! See you again soon, darlinghearts.


Coffee & Questions: Card games, mermaids, and socks!

Coffee  Questions with Ellie Di Julio - June 2015

Hello there, my darlings! Welcome to the June edition of Coffee & Questions, the monthly video series where I answer questions from the delightful folks of Team Patreon.

Except, as you may have noticed, this isn’t a video.

That’s because I had my wisdom teeth out last Friday and now have a disgusting lesion on the underside of my tongue that makes it damn near impossible to talk without pain. And the medicine they gave me glues my tongue to my gums. Which, as you may surmise, isn’t helpful in the sound department.

So! This month’s instalment comes in text form. I tried to include some funny pictures to make up for the loss of my face on your screen (I know, you’re horrified). I hope you enjoy it anyway!

What was your favourite memory/thing in May 2015?

Oh, man! So much happened in May. I went to a wedding, a bridal shower (different lady), two baby showers, a stag and doe, AND we hosted several lunches/dinners, AND I saw Age of Ultron and Pitch Perfect (for the first time – rather enjoyed it). Canadians are serious about socializing when it gets above freezing, y’all.

But I think the best thing about May was my annual drive to visit my hip surgeon. It’s well over an hour away, and I have to rent a car, which may sound sucky, but I love it. This year’s visit was THE BEST, though, because when I arrived at Enterprise, they had my DREAM CAR–a Fiat 500–waiting for me. I’ve literally been waiting two years (since they added them to the fleet) to snag one. I had this baby alllllll to myself for a full day test drive, and I took way longer doing everything because I just wanted to tool around in its cuteness. (And yes, it’s definitely a car I want, and Lino fits in it and everything!) A little gift from heaven.

fiat 500 in the clouds

Out of all the short stories put out this year which is your favourite?

(For those that don’t know, Team Patreon receives a ~1000-word story every month that isn’t released publicly until the anthology at the end of the year.)

The dynamic between little girl Spring and old man Winter as father and daughter in “The Spring Games” was so much fun to write! There’s a challenge in making sure you toe the line between touchingly wistful and boringly saccharine when you’re writing about reserved emotion, so it took a while to tweak properly, but I think I got it. I love the idea of the world as the garden of the Seasons Family, too, so there might be another story in their world later in the year. Autumn is a hell of an emo punk brat, but I suspect mamma Summer brings out more sweetness in him than he’d admit.

03 Rose via Pixabay

Now that it is finally getting warmer do you have plans for going to a beach, camping or going to a cottage?

(Note for non-Ontarians: “Cottaging” is a thing city people do in the summer where they go to a bungalow-type house on the lake–which they rent or timeshare or their family’s owned it for decades–and get drunk for a weekend around a firepit in the backyard. I’ve never seen/heard of anything like it outside this province, and it rules.)

Kind of? I mean, I always love the beach, but camping is soooooo not my thing (I need a flushing toilet plskthx) and we don’t know anyone with a cottage anymore. BUT! My adventurous mother (pictured below) is coming to visit for 10 days in July with two youngest siblings, and they’re all super outdoorsy, so I imagine there’s lots of hiking and exploring in my future. It’s the first time the littles have been to Canada, and there’s so much to see just in the Niagara region! So, while I have no personal plans, Mom’s arrival necessitates going outside at least once.

This is my mother. I feel like this picture says all you need to know about her for my summer plans.

What’s your favorite card game?

Believe it or not, we never really played card games when I was growing up; it wasn’t until I was nearly grown that I started playing them. From my limited experience, though, I have to say that Apples to Apples, with house rules for weirdness, is probably my favourite (Cards Against Humanity isn’t where my head’s at anymore–call me oversensitive), followed verrrrrrry closely by Munchkin (combining the different sets makes it so much more fun!).  I was into Magic: The Gathering for a bit and tried to get back into it recently, but there’s some kind of nerd-curse on me with that game. I literally have never won. Ever. We even scientifically tested it one afternoon. Cursed.

I’d love to get recommendations for good card games for 4-6 people! We host a lot these days, and we are WOEFULLY short on entertainment aside from YouTube and my husband’s charm.

munchkin - duck of doom - you should know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon - lose 2 levels - curse

Mermaids. Will there be any in the next next book?

You know, I’d honestly not considered it, primarily because everything’s been pretty landlocked so far, but given the way the next book (set largely in the Dreaming) and the last book (which will be allllll over the place) are looking, I don’t see why not! Mermaid lore is absolutely fascinating, and there’s a lot of room to play with new ideas, including how Disney’s take changed them. Now to figure out if they’re the vicious man-eating type or the helpful, singing type….

hipster ariel - i left the ocean its too current

What can you tell us about the progress for Mirror of Ashes?


I’m literally just waiting on Desz to send me the finals for the cover so we can typographize it, resize it, and slap it into all the places it needs to go.  I’m shooting for a June 22nd publication date, although in self-pub, you never really know until it’s out.


kuzco boom baby emperors new groove

What’s your favorite pair of SockDreams socks?

Dese ones. (Thanks, Kyeli!)

sockdreams pirate socks

I tried to take a picture with them on, but the skull is on the back and I almost hurt myself.

What are you most looking forward to in June 2015?


Two of my dearest friends are marrying next weekend, and as one’s a chef and one’s an event planner, it’s gonna be a freaking doozy. Then the next weekend is Lino and my’s 6th anniversary; not sure what we’ll do, but I’m promised it’ll involve a patio someplace. Then there’s, you know, Mirror of Ashes coming out?!?!?!?! That ol’ thing.  And that’s just what’s on the calendar so far….

That’s it for this month’s Coffee & Questions!

Apologies again for the lack of video. God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, July will have 100% less tongue lesions and 100% more of my face talking at you. Thanks for playing along!

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